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UP to 10% BNB is our default reward token, But.. Hmm, you want Bitcoin or Ethereum, maybe ADA? Not a problem! MagicDOGE is an all-in-one token where you can change to your desired reward’s token anytime from user-friendly Dashboard.

If every holder at some point can never sell off their tokens, then Hypersonic would be on its way to colonize the moon.
The Anti-Sell Off feature makes it impossible to empty your wallet no matter how little the amount is. You will always be a holder as you can only sell 99% of your balance at any point in time.

Sells larger than 0.1% of the total supply in on single transaction will be rejected.
This will allow us to reduce swing-trading and break whales control.

Up to 4% of every transaction contributes towards automatically generating further liquidity on Pancakeswap. It helps create a price floor (stability) and benefiting long term for MagicDOGE holders the most!

We’re giving away a Bentley Bentayga or $190K equivalent to our loyal holders, To participate to the giveaway simply hold MagicDOGE during the contest, you can find more information and rules here.

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